Raising Kids that never sleep in a city which doesn't sleep.



Hi I'm Megan, NYC mom to Huck and Gigi by day. I'm an ex NYC bartender and Sommelier turned responsible parent but still get to throw in my wine world as the resident Mom-melier at Parents.com. I'm also working as a Mom Expert for a company in stealth mode but so excited to eventually share more. Here you'll find funny stories, parenting hacks, NYC adventures, stuff I can't live without, and things you should be drinking. 

While I guest blog for a few sites I thought I would make it all nice and neat for all my "fans" (OK my mom's friends) to read. I won't promise to always keep it PG 13 but I'll do my best.

If you like what you read stay on top of me to keep this up. Since I already have three jobs (not including not killing the kids gig) to raise kids here in this damn dirty city I love, I figure what's one little blog. I'm very aware this mom blog thing isn't some original idea I came up with on my own but the difference between me and the other moms is I use more dirty words and I give you wine pairings. 

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