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Our 'Mom Somm' Rates Target's New $5 Wines

Our 'Mom Somm' Rates Target's New $5 Wines

When Target announced its line of $5 wines, we were sold. But how do they actually taste—and how should you pair them? Our resident "mom-somm" has answers.

In case you haven't heard, Target, the go to spot for the fancy set on a budget (that'd be us!), recently released what will be their newest mom-fan craze: A collection of five different $5 wines (no, tht's not a typo) called California Roots. Like we need any more reason to drop coin there! But at five bucks a pop, these wines won't break the bank. So the next question is, are they any good?

I'm Megan, a New York City mom to Huck, age 3, and Griffin, age 1, by day; wine pusher at Dirty French in the Ludlow Hotel by night; and Parents Magazine's resident Mom-melier. I'm here to give you a run down of these delicious wines along with some real-life mommy pairing options.


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For starters let's do a quick self-survey. How many parents' meals consist of the leftovers on your kids' plate? It's a running joke in our house that when my husband asks what I had for lunch, I respond with, "What I eat every day for lunch honey, the leftover crust of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich." I'm only half-joking, so really, let's pair these wines with foods actual moms eat.

California Roots — Pinot Grigio

ON THE NOSE: You know that blissful 30 minutes of the week when your kitchen is actually clean and the aroma of that beautiful lemon-fresh cleaner is subtly wafting through your home? That's what this smells like. Lemon zest, pineapples, summertime.


ON THE PALATE: Sweet with a crisp dry finish and huge pop of acid. This wine also is slightly effervescent. That's right ladies: little bubbles. It's practically champagne.

PAIRS WELL WITH: Slightly oxidized apple slices. You know when you cut up an apple and your kid only eats two slices? Drink this wine with the rest.

California Roots — Moscoto

ON THE NOSE: Like a floral perfume the fancy ladies in church wear.

ON THE PALATE: This wine is sweet. Really sweet. Creamy and delicious. But sweet.

PAIRS WELL WITH: Half-eaten chicken nuggets. The sweetness of the wine pairs beautiful with a deep-fried, breaded chicken nugget freshly reheated in the microwave.

California Roots — Chardonnay

ON THE NOSE: It's like a freshly opened box of vanilla wafers.

ON THE PALATE: This is a good Chardonnay; it's everything you think of when you think California Chardonnay. Vanilla notes, a little buttery, with a slight hint of caramel from the oak.

PAIRS WELL WITH: Goldfish crackers. The yeasty, bready golden cheese crackers pair perfectly with this low-acid, smooth, rich-bodied wine.

California Roots — Cabernet

ON THE NOSE: Cherry Lip Balm

ON THE PALATE: Juicy red fruit with a touch of pepper, which adds a little spice. This wine is jammy and alcohol-forward.

PAIRS WELL WITH: The leftover crust of a PB&J. The slight spiciness of the Cab cuts nicely with the sweet and buttery PB&J crust your kid refuses to eat.

California Roots — Red Blend

ON THE NOSE: It's reminiscent of the leather you smell walking into the handbag section at Bloomingdales.

ON THE PALATE: This is a dang good one. My favorite out of all of them. I did not see this wine coming. It's full-bodied, with cherry notes up front and a slight tannic finish.

PAIRS WELL WITH: Macaroni and Cheese. This wine can lift a lowly bowl of cold leftover Mac & Cheese to a respectable meal.