Raising Kids that never sleep in a city which doesn't sleep.


As a mom of three and professional diaper changer for the past 5 years, I trust Pampers.

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Picture this scenario. I take my newborn daughter on her first outing in the baby carrier to my 6 week postpartum check-up. All of a sudden, in the quiet yet crowded doctor’s office waiting room, I hear it. The familiar sound of gurgle, muddy, sploosh! Everyone in that waiting room looked right at me and started to giggle. I swear to them it wasn’t me but how could a baby that tiny and beautiful make so much awful noise? Why did my sweet beautiful newborn that had been constipated for three days decided that moment was the perfect time to go? I’m just comedically lucky, I guess. Was I worried I was possibly covered in poop? Of course not because she was wearing Pampers.

As a mom of three that works in the baby world, I know more about diapers than most.  Would I say I’m an expert? Maybe not an expert but I have been changing diapers for over 5 years straight now. Lucky me, right?


Luckily, I’ve got backup in the name of Dad! My husband considers himself a pretty seasoned NYC dad and has changed diapers all over the 5 boroughs. When it comes to changing diapers, my husband and I always go back to Pampers. The Heart Quilts liner is two times softer (vs. the U.S. every-day-of-the-year brand) and I feel the blankie like softness is on both sides. We always feel some of the newer diapers on the market seem almost stiff and they don’t stay in place. The stretchy sides of the Pampers make sure the diapers stay in-tact and helps cut down on the number of leaks. This is key for babies who sleep a long time at night. It took three kids, but I finally have one that sleeps eight hours a night without a peep. I need a diaper that can hold up to those long hours without a diaper change.


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My husband has changed diapers for our 3 kids literally all over - from subway stations to bathroom floors - it hasn’t been easy for a dad to take his kids out and change a diaper! While he considers himself a hands on dad, the world hasn’t seemed to make space for dads to take the helm when it comes to diaper changing. When dad takes the kids out on the town, he always grabs a handful of Pampers in his bag, as he knows, even if he’s on the floor changing two kids at one time, he can rely on Pampers to keep everyone clean and dry.

Speaking of dry, our favorite feature of Pampers is it takes the guessing game of the dirty diaper out of the equation completely with their wetness indicator. No more being unsure if they need changed the wetness indicator turns blue when it becomes wet. We find this is fantastic for kids with sensitive skin like my kids. It has really helped cut down on diaper rash. Which in the long runner is better for my baby and my wallet. As a mom, I’m always worried about my 3 littles, and you know what? So does my husband! As a co-parenting team, we sometimes need some backup, and our backup is always Pampers - we can rely on the brand we’ve used since day 1 to help us in our parenting journey together. Whether I’m out with the kids, or he’s out with the kids, we know Pampers will make it easy for us to live the life of adventures we’d planned on!

How can you go wrong with the #1 choice of Hospitals, Nurses and Parents*?

*hospitals: based on hospital sales data; nurses: vs. other hospital brands, among those with a preference; parents: based on retail sales