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Thanksgiving Wine Pairings to Survive Your Family

Wine Pairings to help you survive this year's Thanksgiving

Does your family put the fun in dysfunctional? Thanksgiving, the time of year we all come together as family to eat too much, stress us ladies out and remind each other why we all live in separate houses. The day you spend hours slaving in the kitchen for your kid to eat just one single roll. But my favorite part about Thanksgiving is it means you don't have to get in a bathing suit for at least 6 months, so let's eat and drink up ladies, were going to need it to survive.

Thanksgiving Day Parade –Pom-mosa

This is a great drink to have when you're watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with your kids. Suddenly you realize you're old as dirt because you don't recognize any of those fresh faced Pop Star that are lip synching on those floats. Even worse you're technically old enough be one of their mothers.

Grab a champagne flute

·         1oz of Pomegranate juice

·         top off with Sparkling Wine

·         Garnish with an orange peel

·         For an added touch of fancy, drop in some pomegranate seeds and watch them dance with the bubbles.

Boom you got yourself a Pom-mosa.

Sharing a Kitchen with your Mother-in-Law – White Wine Apple Cider Sangria

Cooking with your MIL and you're “doing everything wrong”? Don't worry, I got you with this Apple Cider White Wine Sangria. She might even get a little buzzed and fall in love with you. Ha, I'm just kidding but it'll helps ease the pain when she won't stop talking about how her son doesn't get “REAL home cooked meals” anymore.


·         1 bottle of white wine.  I prefer something light and crisp like a pinot grigio but you do you.

·         3 12oz bottles of hard cider

·         2 honey crisp apples, cut into small pieces

·         1 pear, cut into small pieces

·         1 hand full of halved red grapes

·         1 orange sliced

·         A few cinnamon sticks

Combine everything together except the cider and refrigerate for five hours. Just before serving, slowly pour all the hard cider in the container or use it to top up each cup individually.

Politics with Grandpa – Cold American Beer & Football

They already have their “Mom and Apple(pumpkin) Pie” for this American Holiday but this patriotic hack could save your long weekend with the fam.

When the guys are settling in to watch someone beat the Cowboys and you hear the D list celebrity announced to sing The National Anthem, head off the impending political melee between grandpa and your "Bernie Bro" cousin by cracking open the one American thing we all agree on, an Ice Cold Beer. Yay distractions! Grandpa used to say, “God invented sports, so we don't have to argue about politics.” Hold him to it this  Thanksgiving.

Any American Beer will work Budweiser, Pabst, Busch Light, Coors just make sure it's ice cold to cool off the political situation in the room.

The Newcomer Vegan - Cranberry Gimlet

You finally laid your spread out and you're ready to eat when your Brother- in- Law walks in with his new girlfriend the gluten free, dairy free vegetarian. Simply smile and hand her the only thing you have to offer her this Cranberry Gimlet. Welcome to the family hope you like vodka, probably going to need it.


The Always one step Ahead of you Sister in Law- Cranberry Gimlet

Want to up the ante on your overachieving sister in law. She was the first in the family, and subsequently the favorite grandchild that will always be loved more than you… until now. This cocktail should get you some brownie points with the rest of the in laws.

Coup Glass (A martini or margarita glass will do fine)

·         2oz Vodka

·         1oz of Cranberry Juice

·         1/2oz of Lime

·         1/2oz of Honey

Pour all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake. Serve up in a coup. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and you'll be everyone's new best friend.

Gossip Loving Chatty Aunt Cathy – Beaujolais

Beaujolais is the most versatile Thanksgiving wine. It's French, it's fancy, it's juicy and goes beautifully with a wide variety of Thanksgiving cuisine. So, when your Chatty Aunt Cathy just dished out all the latest family gossip to you and turns around to ask what's been going on in your life? Take a nice healthy sip of your fancy French wine and convenience the both of you you're the sanest one in the family.

Sister's Store-Bought Pumpkin Pie – Shot of Bourbon

You sister signs up for your favorite part of the meal, dessert. Only to show up with a crusty pumpkin pie from the local convenience store, that no amount of Kool Whip will drown. Tell her "Thank You for your contribution" and drown your sorrows with a shot of bourbon and remind yourself "hey at least this year you aren't pregnant."

Shot Glass

·         Overfill with Bourbon

·         Hell, take two

·         (Optional) Chase with ‘Ready Whip’ straight out of the can

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and remember you can pick your nose and you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family.